Logan/Wolverine (claws_of_rage) wrote,

I was in deep shit. In more ways than one. But at the moment, only one mattered. Selene was pissed and for some reason I was sure it was more at my 'don't wait up' comment than it was about Fury. What the fuck did I need to do? Flowers, yeah not gonna work on her. Hell nothing would work on her. Except for honesty.

I stood pacing outside the door to their room for the last hour wondering how I was going to approach this. So I knew she could hear me inside, probably forming her own brand of attack. More than likely she was gonna do that calm cool collected thing that really freaks me out because that meant she was really fucking mad. Just once I wish she'd go fucking berserk, yell, scream, hit me. Knew it wouldn't happen though. She knew what was effective, and fighting me literally wasn't effective at all. It'd only suffice in me getting what I wanted and her screaming in pleasure when I won the fight. And I would. That was an inevitability.

No, that was why she did the calm and collected thing. Because it pissed me off and I never knew what to expect when she was acting like that. The woman was a viper, a deadly fucking viper and when she acted like that it did nothing but drill that fact home. Was I going to admit to her that she scared me at times like that? Hell no. Did she probably figure that out already on her own. More than likely.

The woman was smart, she fought a psychological battle with me and she was damned good at it. So I stopped pacing and stood in front of the door, staring at it. What were the chances she'd be laying in that bed wearing nothing but some sexy little lingerie and a smile? I shook my head, there was no chance of that. Deciding to just bite the bullet and accept my fate. I pushed the door open and went inside, slipping the do not disturb sign on the door. Because nobody needed to be bothering them for a while and not for the usual reasons that sign was on the door.

"Darlin', I'm back." I slipped my jacket off and moved through the room cautiously. It was rather dark inside.
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